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Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides answers to many common questions about registering, bidding & buying at iBuyAuction.

Yes. You are more than welcome to inspect the goods, however you may NOT place a bid unless you have registered for a valid bidder number. Details on individual auction inspection times can be found on our website.

You must complete a registration card and then present your driver's license (or any current valid photo identification) to the cashier at the front office. You may also register under a current business name. You will then be required to pay a $100 registration security deposit (which is refundable if no purchases are made). After completing the above steps, you will be issued with a valid bidder number. Please read the iBuyAuction Terms & Conditions printed on the reverse side of the registration card before signing.

Yes. You can pay your $100 security deposit with cash, EFTPOS or credit card. There is no credit card surcharge on the $100 security deposit. Please Note: If you pay your security deposit using EFTPOS or credit card and then require a refund (ie: make no purchases), $100 will be refunded back to your original card.

Yes. You can come to the Cashiers and Reception office window at any time on the same day as the auction you are registered. Simply, return your bidder's number card, sign it and receive your refund the same way that you paid it. Please note that you cannot collect a refund on someone else's behalf. You must be the registered bidder to collect your refund.

Once you have successfully bid on an item, it usually takes 15-20 minutes for the information on the auctioneer’s sales sheets to be returned to the front office and entered into our computer auction system. The waiting time may increase during busy periods on auction day. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

All goods can be paid for by cash, EFTPOS and all major credit cards. Please note that all credit card transactions will incur a 1.5% processing fee.

If you do make a purchase, your deposit amount of $100 will be deducted from your total invoice. Here's a couple of examples:

Example 1: You are the winning bidder on a lot at the final bid price of $100

  • The Buyers Premium is 20% of the bid price. In this case it's $20
  • Your invoice total is $120
  • Less the $100 deposit that we received from you
  • You owe $20 to finalise your invoice.

  • Example 2: You are the winning bidder on a lot at the final bid price of $50

  • The Buyers Premium is 20% of the bid price. In this case it's $10
  • Your invoice total is $60
  • Less the $100 deposit that we received from you
  • You owe nothing and the amount of $40 will be returned to you.

    You are welcome to pay for and pick up your goods on the day of auction. Generally, you must wait until the end of the auction however, owing to the lengthy duration of our Sunday General Auctions, we often allow immediate pick ups if the auctioneer has moved away from that particular section/area. (This is subject to staff availability on auction day and at iBuyAuction's discretion).

    No. You are welcome to pay for and pick up your goods on the following (business) day by 4pm. However, if the total of your purchase is greater than $1,000 we will require that you make a further 20% deposit before leaving on auction day.

    It is essential that all goods are paid for and picked up no later than the following business day. Failure to do so will incur a $100 storage fee, per day. This strict rule is to ensure that all purchased goods are removed from our premises to allow us to prepare and re-stock for the next auction.

    If you have made a mistake, you should alert the auctioneer immediately so he can change the sales sheets accordingly and then re-offer the item to any other interested bidder. Failing to act immediately will mean that the item will be sold to you and is legally yours as per our Terms & Conditions.

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. If you deliberately bid on an item, you have deliberately bought it. THE ITEM CANNOT BE REFUNDED OR RETURNED. These rules are stated on the Terms & Conditions printed on the reverse side of the Buyer Registration Card. By signing the card you are abiding by these Terms & Conditions. You must make sure you are 100% happy with the item before you place your bid.

    Computer auctions usually last for 3-4 hours. Traders/Household auctions usually last for 4-5 hours. Sunday Homemaker Auctions are the largest and can often last for up to 6 hours.

    Most of the items sold at iBuyAuction are new; they may be surplus stock, end of line items, transit damaged stock etc. However, some may be ex-lease or given to us to sell as part of an insurance claim. Some items may have slight imperfections but still be in 100% working order. Buyers are reminded that it is their own responsibility to check the condition of the goods they are planning to bid on. It is imperative that buyers INSPECT ALL GOODS BEFORE MAKING ANY BIDS.

    You can download a product catalogue from our website from 4pm the day prior to auction, or purchase one at the cashier desk when registering your details on the day of the auction. A catalogue will allow you to follow the sale and identify the items you are interested in.

    You should call our office as soon as possible. iBuyAuction will gladly exchange or refund items that are listed as working but are not.

    No. All goods are open to inspection prior to bidding. According to the Terms & Conditions, it is your responsibility to inspect all items for any external damage.

    Many catalogue descriptions are appended with the words “Subject to Insurance Matter”, signifying that the goods have been obtained by iBuyAuction as part of an insurance claim. This usually means that the goods have been deemed inappropriate for sale through normal retail sales channels due to some sort of imperfection - sometimes quite minor. These imperfections may apply to the goods or sometimes merely to the outer packaging. Goods may be water damaged, smoke damaged, transit damaged or stolen & recovered. It is essential that all insurance matter goods up for sale are thoroughly inspected before making a bid.

    Any items allotted for auction may only be bought during that auction. Items allotted to Buy Now and Buy Online may be bought both on and outside of auction days.

    No. It is important that you return your bidding card when paying for your items. Each bidding number is unique to each auction and cannot be reused.

    No. Once you pay for your items, your bidder number will be taken from you. If you want to bid on any other items, you must re-register and pay another $100 deposit in order to obtain another bidding number.

    Yes. However, you will only be required to provide your name, phone number and signature to say that you are biding by the Terms & Conditions as printed on the reverse side of the card. Presentation of your driver's license is not required a second time unless you have changed your address since the last time you came to one of our auctions.

    No. iBuyAuction will not split any invoices under any circumstances. However, you are welcome to make more than one payment on one invoice. We strongly urge all buyers to register separately and obtain their own bidder number.

    An online catalogue is posted on our website usually on the business day prior to the auction (catalogues are usually ready by 4pm). The online catalogue is a valuable resource as it allows you to browse through the items and see if there are any items you are particularly interested in. Before attending the auction it is prudent to check the catalogue as some items advertised on our website or in the catalogue may have been withdrawn from sale. Sale days and dates are listed on our website with photos of some of the notable items on offer.

    Yes. Bidding on auction day starts from lot number 1 and will continue until all lots are offered and/or sold. As a guide, anywhere between 80-120 lots are sold per hour.

    Yes. If you are interested in a particular item and do not wish to stay until that item goes under the hammer, you may place an absentee bid.

    To place an absentee bid, attend the cashier desk where you will be required to complete an absentee bid form - be sure to note the Lot number of the item.

    If you do not wish to attend the auction, you may still place an absentee bid online by visiting the specific auction catalogue page, and filling out the absentee bidding form provided, or by sending an email to, no later than 8.30am on the day of the auction.

    Please ensure you include:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Lot number of the item (refer to the online catalogue)
  • A brief description of the item
  • Your maximum bid price.

  • You will need to contact the office after the auction has been completed to see if you were successful.

    No. iBuyAuction does not deliver and under OH&S acts, we do not provide labour for pick ups. It is your responsibility to arrange your own transport. iBuyAuction can recommend some reputable transport companies however has no affiliation whatsoever to any of these companies.

    All auction items attract a 20% Buyers Premium (bidders should take this into consideration when placing a bid).

    When buying at auction, you can save anywhere between 30% - 80% off retail prices, however, savings may vary according to the amount of interest in any specific item on auction day.

    If an item comes with a warranty and/or if it has been tested working, it will be described as such in the auction catalogue. iBuyAuction endeavours to test as much stock as possible, however it is still the responsibility of the bidder to thoroughly inspect the goods before placing a bid.